Fachzeitschrift PLUS

Concept / Content

From design and PC-board manufacturing to the complete assembly.

The concept of the trade journal covers the entire product chain for the manufacturing of electronic PCB. With this, the publishing house provides for the close intertwining of all those involved in the production process of PC boards, which is nowadays indispensable for the manufacturing of the end product in line with the market.

Practical information and reports about events are complemented by comprehensive professional articles on current developments and findings. In addition to articles on the fields of design, even PC-board and assembly manufacture, equipment and material as well as cross-sectional topics such as quality, testing and environmental requirements will be in the focus of reporting. This information service is complemented by current news, new standards and interesting product novelties in the different subject areas.

„PLUS“ is the official organ of the following associations:

  • FBDi Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution e.V.
  • FED Fachverband Elektronik-Design e.V.
  • ZVEI Fachverband Electronic Components and Systems
  • ZVEI Fachverband PCB and Electronic Systems
  • EITI European Interconnect Technology Initiative e.V.
  • IMAPS Deutschland e.V. International Microelectronics and Packaging Society
  • Forschungsvereinigung Räumliche Elektronische Baugruppen 3-D MID e.V.
  • DVS Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V.


Each issue of ‘PLUS’ contains news and statements of the associations.

Total Print run

Circulation: 3,133 copies (IVW 3/2014)

Publication frequency

12 x per year, at mid-month


Subscription price / year: Germany


Subscription price / year: Internationally

Standartabo: 82,05 EUR incl. VAT and delivery 
for 12 print editions.
Premiumabo: 124,89 EUR incl. VAT and delivery 
for 12 print editions. Aditionally free access to the online archives.
  Standartabo: 102,00 EUR incl. delivery 
for 12 print editions.
Premiumabo: 138,00 EUR incl. VAT and delivery 
for 12 print editions. Aditionally free access to the online archives.
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