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About this journal

We are happy to present you the Journal of Electrochemistry and Plating Technology. The decision to set up this journal was not easy to make. A number of scientific journals are currently available in the field of academic research. Another type of journal like the Galvanotechnik covers the area of application. Therefore, the question arises: Is there any need for another journal?

The reason why we decided YES is based on the fact that the target group of academic journals is different from that of the application type. Academic journals are commonly cited while the application journals are usually not. This leads to the fact that most of the articles that describe the long term development of progress in surface technology are not easily available to the industrial researchers. On the other hand the industrial application discussed in the Galvanotechnik is seldom read by the academic community. We like to overcome this gap with the reviewed journal by realising a close relation to the Galvanotechnik on the one hand side and to the academic community by the scientific editorial board on the other hand. The constitution of the editorial board based on the Working Group Research and scientific development of the DGO builds the desired link.

The content of this journal should cover the recent development in surface science but should concentrate on plating technology and electrochemical basics. This of course indicates a discussion of technologies that are suitable to compete with the plating technologies. Therefore, a number of articles present the current development in amendatory techniques.