Chromium Plating

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By G.A. Lausmann.
1st edition 2007.
360 pages with 152 figures and 90 tables.
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Literature about chromium plating hardly excists in English language. Therefore the second edition of the German book about electrolytic desposited chromium has been translated and updated with actual publications and facts.
Chromium is at the moment under fire because it is deposited out of hexavalent chromium solutions. But users of chromium plated parts are only getting in contact with metallic chromium. Plating supply houses and manufactures of chromium compounds apply methods for safe handling of the respective compounds. The transport of chromium compounds is handled in returnable containers and therefore avoids contact of workers with chromic acid. Closed loop systems in plating plants avoid waste. Ventilation systems combined with fume scrubbers ensure perfect working conditions and eliminate pollution in the environement. Stable fume suppressions are available to reduce drag out and spray losses. All these methods are described and explained in this book.
Chromium as metal resists most chemicals, is shiny, has a high hardness and many other properties which can’t be provided by any other metal. This book should help to apply chromium in a safe way.
This book shows solutions to grant REACH requirements.

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