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Montag, 09 August 2021 11:59

Decorative PVD Coatings – a Hauzer Webinar

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Geschätzte Lesezeit: 2 - 3 Minuten
Huub Vercoulen, Sales Manager Decorative Solutions at IHI Hauzer Techno Coating BV Huub Vercoulen, Sales Manager Decorative Solutions at IHI Hauzer Techno Coating BV

“Inviting more companies to enter the fascinating world of decorative coatings”

Despite the impact of 2020 on many industries, the decorative coating industry is still going strong. That is why Hauzer held a webinar late March to show anyone interested the potential and promise this fascinating market holds. The webinar turned out to be very popular, with almost 300 attendees and many good questions from the audience.

A Market Going Strong in a Challenging Global Economy

Production hall of a Hauzer customer in AustraliaProduction hall of a Hauzer customer in AustraliaAlthough the global pandemic has devastated industries around the world, the decorative physical vapour deposition (PVD) sector is thriving. After an initial dip in Q2 2020, demand for decorative coatings has bounced back to its original levels and beyond.

Hauzer observed a few trends in decorative coatings that contribute to this market resilience and make investing in decorative PVD coatings an interesting business proposition.

  1. Consumers working from home and spending their disposable income on upgrading their surroundings
  2. Broader colour ranges becoming available, allowing consumers to customise their surroundings more
  3. Decorative PVD coatings becoming popular for more design applications, from household appliances to furniture and luxury products
  4. An increased focus on public health and infectious disease spiking the interest in antibacterial coatings
  5. Multi-purpose coating machines becoming popular to compensate for fluctuating markets in other sectors
  6. Speed of trends increasing ever further, making a quick ramp-up in in-house coating capacity a tremendous benefit for a successful product launch

These trends, plus the premium aesthetics and valuable functional properties decorative coatings have, are enough to explain the sector’s continuing growth.

Working with the Right Technology Partner

Hauzer is continually investing in decorative coatings to support these trends. The range of available PVD coating colours is constantly growing, most recently by the addition of Hauzer hard black coating, based on technology usually applied in tribology. The range of Hauzer coatings that is available with antibacterial properties is also growing, and the technology used allows to optimise the bacterial kill rate per coating without much effect on the coating colour.

 »Anti bacterical properties growing«

Hauzers latest Hauzer Flexicoat® machine, the Flexicoat 1250, supports not only dual- but often also triple-purpose machine configurations. This are great news for businesses active in tribological or tool coatings who want to expand into a profitable new market, or businesses already specialised in decorative coatings who want to serve an even wider audience.

In addition, Hauzer machines are known for their exceptional coating quality, with highly consistent results, and the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs over time. And because Hauzer is a company built on cooperation and service, it is always happy to share available recipes with its customers or develop new ones through joint development.

Rewatch the Webinar to Find Out More

Are you interested in the fascinating world of decorative coatings? Whether you’re already an established player in the industry or whether you are just thinking of getting oriented, the webinar recording could give you valuable information about the state of the industry.

Visit for the webinar recording, the full Hauzer trend report and an interview with Senior Process Engineer Andreas Fuchs about the latest test results for the hard black and antibacterial coatings.


IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V.,
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Huub Vercoulen,

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