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Progalvano: New challenges, new first achievements

von Redaktion
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Progalvano has been a leading company for the engineering, production and export of plating barrels and plating accessories in five continents, for 5 decades. On September 2021, a brand new page of its corporate history has been written: the concentration and relocation of our sites in a unique bigger headquarter, always in Milan. In the last 5 years the company faced a dimensional growth in terms of human resources, global demand, market share, that led it to the search for a suitable place for working, studing and improving.

Despite the critical months of the global Pandemic and its evident obstacles, Progalvano managed to go on working, investing and conducting its plans of relocation; and it finally started working some months ago in the new building. In the new building of 5100 sqmm we had the chance to “re-design” our industrial processes and operations in a more efficient and scientific way; moreover we found the essential space for the warehousing and the managing of more huge supplies at once, that we often have to deal with. This growth has been supported by the arrival and the training of new valuable employees, that represent the future of Progalvano, beside the second generation of company owners.

Across the last 5 years, in addition to its dimensional growth, Progalvano went on investing on what he care most: technology. Indeed, our company has never stopped studing “a better way of” working, producing, selling. In 2018 the firm started a process of digital transformation of all its departments that is continuing also today. This has facilitated the purchase and use of new CNC machines and new custom made machines for a fast manufacture of our plating barrels. Today, the result is the achievement of more than 300 plating barrels produced per month: this number is likely to raise thanks to the arrival of a further machine at the end of 2022.

The third field of investment has been: materials and components. Progalvano constantly investigates on how its barrels could be improved. Thanks to the feedbacks of our customers, the willing to solve the problems of the barrels’ users, the natural inclination of studying and innovating its products, brought Progalvano to introduce new raw materials and new moulds for the spare parts of its rotors. More in specific, after some key tests at University of Milan, Progalvano introduced a new range of closing clips, new polymers for some small components and, in the very next weeks, better cathodic contacts (wedges and bells). It’s good to see the first achievements of all these efforts, especially in terms of sales, and Progalvano will keep on working hard for strenghtening what it reached till now and for improving further the lead times for production and deliveres. / Halle 1, Stand C 33 (22)

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