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About PLUS

PLUS is a highly accomplished trade publication on electronics manufacturing that successfully combines two basic approaches to industry and technology reporting. First, it features technical content with a profound in-depth coverage. Secondly it covers a broadly diversified range of important topics of concern to the electronics manufacturing industry. This approach is clearly noticeable when you look at the magazine's compact layout and its signature yellow cover page, which is well-known to every professional in the electronics manufacturing community.
The editorial concept of PLUS is to discuss the entire value chain - design to printed circuit board to completed assembly - in the manufacturing and assembly of surface mount components. Using the full gamut of technical information from around the world PLUS alerts you to the most significant developments in the electronics industry on a month-by-month basis. Perusing the contents of each issue you get a panoramic view of the latest trends, insights and achievements, to stay on top of all relevant themes.
Here is a brief overview of the editorial departments of PLUS characterizing their content:


The various electronic components are introduced and discussed in light of their relevant technical specifications – transistors to memories to microprocessors to sensors and actuators. Everything that is placed on circuit boards or inside electronic products is presented according to its current innovation status.


Design methods from circuits to processors to system level. All these are covered by PLUS in their functions as starting points for new products. Design and simulation software is treated as an important tool for industrial innovation. Also, the outer appearance of systems and product design is covered as they largely determine their commercial success.

Printed Circuit Boards

This PLUS department deals primarily with materials and processes, and the current automated manufacturing technologies for printed circuit boards. Various types (rigid, rigid-flex, flex, 3-D) are discussed and introduced. Reporting on the status of manufacturers and subcontractors takes a broad room as well.


With this editorial department, PLUS covers the manufacturing equipment and main processes for electronics production. Processes such as board assembly and soldering techniques are examined in detail to reflect the actual state of the art. Assembly processes for specific products are laid out in their broad variety of technologies. Reports on forums and seminars at manufacturers' sites and research organizations present the pertinent aspects, trends and directions of this industrial realm.

Analytics and Test

With this department, PLUS covers the critical issues of inspection and test as quality-assurance measures for electronics production. The equipment used in these procedures as well as the required software are the main topics of the published articles. Novel processing methods are introduced and evaluated.

Research and Technology

This editorial department is one of the unique selling points of PLUS, as it is supported by a 15-member scientific advisory board drawn from universities, research organizations and the development labs of major firms. The advisory board actively supports the editorial team in the selection of topics and their publication formats. This editorial structure creates an important synergy effect in the light of the industry's extremely short innovation cycles.

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