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Montag, 31 Mai 2021 11:59

MFR - precious Metal Filter Recovery

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LA FONTE was founded in 1975 as a company specialized in constructing pumps and systems for the handling, filtration, recovery and purification of corrosive liquids. It is based in Vedano Olona (Varese) in a new site of about 4.000 sqm, from where it exports to over 50 countries. For over a decade it has developed new specific systems for the filtration and recovery of precious metals from manufacturing processes, sold all over the world.

MFR – precious Metal Filter Recovery

gt 2021 05 0092These systems are used to filter and recover precious metal component from waste produced by tumblers, rinses and ultrasound baths.

The systems are composed by the tank where is conveyed the liquid to be treated; the circulation pump; the tank with coal basket for absorbing metals in solution and any soaps; cartridge filter; disc filter.

A wide range of interchangeable filter elements allows to obtain the best combination to satisfy customer needs.

Benefits: Low costs; recovery of up to 99 % of the precious material present in the processes (otherwise wasted) -> rapid return on investment

REM – precious Electrolytic Recovery system

Electrolytic system used in the recovery of metals in solution used in the printed circuits and surface treatments fields, especially in the Goldsmith sector, as well as in the galvanic sector (dulling, nickel plating, coating etc.),.

The systems are composed by: the collection tank with an electrolytic cell inside, complete with anodes of suitable material and any heating resistors; the filter pump with cartridges for separation of any particles present in the solution; the touch screen current rectifier.

The sedimented liquid in the tank is circulated through the pump and any metal in solution (gold, palladium, rhodium, silver, copper ...) is recovered by deposition on the cathode and from here recovered by melting it.

Benefits: Low costs; recovery of up to 99 % of the precious material present in the processes (otherwise wasted) -> rapid return on investment.

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